About Me

Hello to all Self-Loving People. Heartiest Welcome to Holistic Health Express. your guide to creating awareness on how to remain fit & healthy holistically & live to the life fullest. 

The mission of Holistic Health Express is framed from one of my favourite ancient mantras in Sanskrit since childhood as Sarbe Bhabantu Sukhinah; Sarbe Santu Niramaya:” That means “ Let All The People Be Happy & Healthy” by following the pieces of information shared in my blogs.

Holistic Health Express has evolved on the basis of my own story & experience during the Journey of my Life, a great transformation from a victim of facing rigorous health challenges to having a Healthy & Active Life by following a Holistically Healthy Lifestyle, Balanced Nutrition Diet, Both Physical & Breathing Exercises, Meditation & Socialising. I am regularly following all the things to maintain a Holistically Healthy Life.

Since I was more Passionate about Writing as well as  Health & Nutrition, so the recent pandemic drove me to make my own website to provide valuable information related to Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Pranayam, a Healthy Active Lifestyle, and Meditation for getting Holistically Healthy. 

Thank you for still reading the About Me page which shows that you really love yourself & you are serious about your Health.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health”.         – Jim Rohn

 Hope all the pieces of information or messages of Holistic Health Express will definitely Transform your Body, Mind & Soul Positively for getting a Holistically Healthy Life and then we all together can make reach this Express to each aspirant to be aware that “ It’s the time to Live Holistically Healthy”.