Healthy Eating Makes Our Living Healthy

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

                                                                – Thomas Edison, inventor and businessman

Are you really serious about your health?

Do you want to become Healthy by changing your eating Habits?

Then read this article till the end to get some tips on Healthy Eating for Living Healthy.


Healthy Eating is eating foods which are nutrient-dense & healthy. Choosing the right food is one of the vital parts of a Healthy Lifestyle. Otherwise, we can say the food we are consuming daily if it provides vital nutrients to our body to function effectively, maintain a good immune system & prevent ourselves from various chronic degenerative diseases then we can say that our daily food is Healthy Eating.

Now a day Nos. of people are suffering from various chronic diseases like diabetes, Thyroid, Cancer, High Blood pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. are increasing day by day. These are also called lifestyle diseases. To prevent these diseases we have to take care of our eating habits & food choices, eating healthy foods in the right quantity by maintaining the right time.

Now, we will discuss about some of the essential tips for Healthy Eating which makes our Living Healthy.

Essential Tips on Healthy Eating to make our Living Healthy:-

Eat a Balanced Diet:-

Generally, when we are remaining hungry, we eat food. But we do not focus on our food choice whether it is healthy or not. The food we are eating is not intended to just fulfilling our hungry rather it shall be ensured to give us all the nutrients required for our body on daily basis to remain healthy & active.

We should choose our daily food which shall be nutrition dense & less caloric. Our daily food shall be balanced diet which means it shall consists of Macro Nutrients, Micro Nutrients, and Phytonutrients. Vitamins & Minerals are Micronutrients. Fiber & Antioxidants are Phytonutrients.

 Macronutrients are the one of the key nutrients in our daily balanced diet. Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fats are Macronutrients. As per Global Nutrition Philosophy; our body needs daily diet having 40% carbohydrates, 30% Healthy Fats & 30% Protein.

Protein is the first & foremost nutrient for our body. It consists of amino acids and acts as the building blocks of our body. It satisfies our hunger and helps to increase muscle protein synthesis, it helps to build & repair the tissue in the body. It acts as the building blocks for bone, muscle & skin.

What amount of Protein I have to take daily in my diet ?

The answer is according to our body weight we have to take protein. That means if my body weight is 60 Kg then my daily protein intake shall be 60 gm.

How can I know whether my body is protein deficient or not  ?

Answer is if I will observe any of the symptoms in my body like a decrease of muscle mass or cannot build muscle in body, unhealthy skin, Hair fall, unhealthy Hair & Nail, then it is the indication of protein deficit in my body.

 Carbohydrate provides energy & stamina to our body. It supports our both physical & mental activities. We get Carbohydrates from Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, seeds, Beans, Lentils, and Honey etc.

Healthy Fats or Dietary Fats help to store energy for the body. Dietary Fats support Heart, Brain & Joint Health. Dietary Fats or Healthy Fats shall be saturated, polysaturated & Mono saturated. Too much intake of dietary fats will bad for body. Source of Dietary fats are Olive Oil, Salmon fish, Avocado, Meat, Poultry, Nuts & Seeds. Avoid Saturated fats & Trans fats from diet.

Micronutrients are small part of overall nutrients required for our Body. All the Vitamins & Minerals constitute Micronutrients. Vitamins & Minerals help our body to absorb the macronutrients & helps to produce energy. Vitamins & Minerals plays a major role for our immunity boosting. Major Vitamins & Minerals are Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, B6; B12 & Minerals are Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium etc. The sources of Vitamins & Minerals are Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy Products & Dry Fruits.

Phytonutrients are the plant based nutrients like Antioxidants & Fiber. Antioxidants help to fuction of cell. It activate the cell . Fiber helps the digestion healthy & boosting the overall intestinal health. We can find the fiber from vegetables, fruits, wholegrain. Generally the peels of vegetables & fruits have high fiber. A daily need of Fiber for our body is 25 gm. Since most of the herbivorous like cow, goat etc are consuming the high fiber foods especially the peels of vegetables, so their digestion & bowel movement is good.

Mindful Eating:-

Eating mindfully means enjoying the food choices we make by using our both physical & emotional senses. Mindful Eating helps to create gratitude for the food & gives a better eating experience. It boosts to take healthy eating choices which will be satisfying & nourishing for the body. Mindful Eating helps us to avoid overeating or under eating rather it encourages us for right quantity of eating. Due to mindful eating it encourages us to slow eating which improves the digestion process.

Hydrating your Body:-

Hydrating our body at regular intervals throughout the day is vital part of healthy eating. Since our body consists of 70% of water. So adequate daily water intake plays the important role for healthy digestion & good absorption of nutrient in cellular level. Water intake will help our body for regulating the body temperature, breakdown of food & producing energy, supplying oxygen to cells & removing out the wastes from the body. For each 20 Kg of body weight one litter of water to be taken daily. For details about how to drink water effectively you can refer my another blog “tips for better way to drink

Avoid Processed Food & try to consume Homemade food:-

As we discussed the balanced diet of nutrient dense low caloric foods is the main part of healthy eating. Processed foods are lack of nutrients, high in calorie having unhealthy fats, high added sugars, salts just contradicting the balanced diet. By consuming these processed foods will deposit unnecessary fats in body resulting abnormal weight gain & also leads to varios chronic degenerative diseases. To get balanced diet it is better use home cooked food so that we can prepare our food as per our personalized nutrient requirement. Also, by home preparing food we can use the ingredients free from any additives or preservatives.


Healthy Eating plays the major role for making our Living Healthy & Active. By following the above discussed healthy tips, making Healthy food choices & mindful eating, we can optimize our diet Balanced & Healthy. By making awareness of Healthy Eating on ourselves & others associated with us, we can create a positive mindset for healthy nutrient dense & less caloric food choices with complete mindful eating. With the help of the Healthy Eating, we can be able to minimize obesity & malnutrition and also prevent us from various chronic degenerative diseases.