Does a healthy gut help your immune system?

Are you confused about whether a healthy Gut will boost your immune system or not?

Then let’s discuss this elaborately in this blog.

Does a healthy gut help your immune system?

Yes, a healthy gut mostly helps your immune system to be healthy. 70% of the Body’s immune cells & bacteria that are present in the Gut play a vital role in governing the immune system of the body. The balance of Bacteria in the Gut directly impacts the immune cells & immune system of the body.

As per the dictionary, the meaning of immunity is protection from Pathogens (i.e., diversified bacteria & viruses causing diseases to their host.)

Since the Gut itself is the home of both Good & Bad Bacteria including most of the immune cells of the body. These bacteria help to digest & break down food and release various molecules as a by-product to the body which impacts directly the immune cells & immune system.  So by balancing bacteria in the gut we can maintain a healthy gut and also the immune system to live a healthy & active life.

Bi-directional communication occurs between the Central Nervous system and with Gut for all Gastrointestinal functions.

What are the signs of poor gut health?

Since mostly, Gut Health decides the overall health of our body. So various signs we are getting when our Gut Health becomes poor.

The signs of poor gut health are:-

  • Various Stomach issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS], Bloating, Indigestion, Diarrhea, and Acid Reflux.
  • The stomach is not cleared in the Morning. i.e having issues of Constipation.
  • Stools are scattered & smell bad.
  • Suffering from various autoimmune diseases like Thyroid, and arthritis.
  • Feeling a lack of energy levels.
  • Changes in body weight.
  • Facing challenges to focus & think clearly.
  • Difficulty in sleeping.
  • Intolerance to foods.
  •  Rashes & Acne on skin.
  • Asthma & Allergies.

What are the causes of poor gut health?

There are so many factors responsible for poor gut health. We are listing out the major causes of poor Gut Health below:-

  1. Eating imbalanced low nutrient food daily.
  2. Irregularity in timing and quantity of food eaten daily. [i.e., not maintaining the proper time schedule of eating daily & quantity of eating.]
  3. Adopting Bad Lifestyles.
  4. Not drinking the right quantity of water daily with proper gestures.
  5. Deficiency of Microbiome.
  6. Deficiency of fiber in daily food intake.
  7. Eating high caloric, low nutrient junk foods & processed foods.
  8. Consuming more artificial sweeteners & carbonated water.
  9. Due to having more stress & anxiety about the workload.
  10. Lack of Physical Activities & Exercises in daily routine.
  11. Due to the frequent consumption of various Antibiotics & Pain Killer Medicines.

How do you fix a healthy gut naturally for the immune system?

As we understood that 70% of the immunity of our body depends upon the Healthy Gut. A Strong Immune System can fight with any diseases and infections faced by the body due to various pathogens like Bacteria, viruses etc.

So, here we will discuss how you fix a healthy Gut naturally for your immune system as mentioned below:

  • Fix a Healthy Gut by taking high dietary fiber foods daily. The major natural sources of dietary fiber are Green vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Cereals, legumes, Beans, and Nuts. As per Food & Drug Administration, 28 gms of dietary fiber per day is required for adults on a 2000-calorie diet.
  • The next important thing to fix gut health naturally is to have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily. Numerous Studies have reported that 7 to 8 hours of daily sound sleep can improve the immune cells known as “T-cells”.
  • Doing at least 30-45 mins of regular moderate exercises like brisk walking, bicycling, jogging, and swimming can boost the metabolism and helps for better digestion and also activate the “T-cells”.
  • Eat Whole fruits instead of taking processed juices so that you will get all the nutrients including the fiber content of fruits. Avoid processed foods.
  • Avoid Maida (i.e. White Wheat Flour without Bran), and cut down the consumption of sugar & artificial sweeteners, and Salt in daily food.
  •  Eat Probiotic-rich foods daily. Fermented foods like Yogurt, Butter Milk, Kimchi, Pickles etc are a rich source of probiotics which can help to promote the growth of good bacteria and maintain balance in your microbiome to keep your Gut Healthy as well as your Immune System.
  • The most important step to follow is to drink an adequate amount of water daily slowly sip by sip.
  • For Fix Gut Healthy “Drink the Food and Eat the Water”. That means Eat the food slowly by chewing 32 times so that it becomes liquid and drink the water slowly sip by sip.
  • Try to minimize your stress & anxiety. Do at least 15 mins of Meditation for relieving your stress level.
  • Avoid intake of Antibiotics & Pain killer medicines as much as possible.

What are the best 5 foods for gut immunity?

We can use following 5 foods good for Gut Health and Gut Immunity

  • Prebiotic-rich foods:- Green Vegetables, Banana, Onion, Garlic, Apple, Nuts. It plays a vital role in digestive function, protection against various   Viral/bacterial infections, and nutrient absorption. These are the indigestible fibers that became the foods for living microbiomes present inside the Gut.
  • Probiotic-rich foods:- These fermented foods contain good bacteria helpful for a healthy Gut. Yogurt is the best Probiotic.
  • Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds:- It helps to detoxify the gut, clean the stomach.
  • Water:- I can say Water is the best food for Gut Immunity. If we will minimize the quantity of daily water intake and not taking water proper gesture, then there is no use of other foods taken for Gut Health. It helps to absorb the nutrition in the stomach.
  • Pure Herbs like Fennel seeds, Azwin, Ginger, Aloe vera & Mint.

Can we take both prebiotics & probiotics together for gut health?

Yes, we can take both prebiotics & probiotics together for gut health. As both foods are very vital for making our Gut Healthy. Probiotics themselves are the living good bacteria present in the Gut. So by taking probiotics we can be able to increase the level of good bacteria in Gut which can fight bad bacteria and resist any infections in the body due to bad bacteria. Whereas prebiotics is undigested fibers in the stomach and is used as the foods of these living bacteria. So, we can say Probiotics & prebiotics are like 2 sides of a coin, we can take both together for the best Gut Health. We can also take the health supplement Probiotics & Prebiotic under the guidance of a Health expert.

Nowadays more people are conscious and aware that Probiotics are the best food for Gut Health.

What exercise is best for gut health?

  • Brisk Walking:-It is the best exercise for Gut Health as well as for entire Body health. It is easy to do by any age group male or female. It will help for better digestion & bowel movement. Daily 4 to 5 Km of Brisk walking is the best to moderate exercise.
  • Cycling:-It is the most efficient way to activate the digestive system. It helps in reducing the water lost in your faeces which improves overall digestion.
  • Yoga:- So many stretching exercises are fantastic for balancing the Body, Mind & Soul simultaneously. Bajrasana, Mandukasana [Frog Posture Yoga], Surya Namaskar [Sun Salutation], Tadasana are the best yogasans for Gut health. It can soothe the Gut and improves the Body’s metabolism & digestion process.
  • Pranayam { Breathing Excercises]:- Breathing exercises can help the balancing the water & temperature levels of the body. It can relax the mind which helps the digestive system directly. Since the Gut acts as our second brain. Kapalbhati. Anulom & Bilom are important pranayams [Breathing Excercises] for Gut Health.

What lifestyles are to be improved for gut health?

Since Gut Health directly depends on Good Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

So, the following lifestyles are to be improved for gut health:

  • Maintaining the right time for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner every day. Eating the right quantity of food. Avoid Overeating & bad eating habits.
  • Follow daily Early to bed [i.e around 10 to 10.30 P.M ] & Early to Rise [i.e, 4 to 5 A.M.].
  • Try to have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily.
  • Take an adequate quantity of water with the right posture daily. Never take water for at least 90 Mins before sleep. There must be at least 90 mins gap between dinner and going to bed for sleep.
  • Avoid all digital screens like Mobile, Television, Laptop, Tab etc at least 2 hours before sleep.
  • Do at least 30 Mins moderate exercise daily.
  • Avoid Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol & Carbonated Water as soon as possible.
  • Never take freezer water rather take normal water or lukewarm water.


So in the above-discussed questions, we understood that our Gut Health plays a vital role in making our immune system to be healthy. Since 70% of our Body’s immune cells lie inside the Gut, so our primary focus shall be always on our Gut Health. That means we can say if our Gut is Healthy then our immunity is strong. So we follow the above-discussed signs to identify whether our Gut is Healthy or not then if we found our Gut is unhealthy, we can fix it naturally by following the steps discussed above sincerely & consistently. Since Sincerity & Consistency are the keys to success in any part of life.

Your Gut is linked to nearly every facet of your health, from your immune system to your mood.

-Dr. Amy Carmichael

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