FAQs on Health & Nutrition


Question 1:- How do I find my Ideal Weight?

Answer:- By using the standard formula, we can calculate our Ideal Weight as explained below:-

For Males:- The Ideal Weight in Kg = Height in cm-100

For Females:- The Ideal Weight in Kg = Height in cm-105.

Question 2:- Is Protein Good for Weight Loss?

Answer:- Yes, Protein is good for weight loss, it is the building blocks of our body. Accurate consumption of Protein on a
daily basis can help you lower body fat, increase Lean Muscle Mass, feel full and lose weight.

Question 3:- What is the role of Protein in our body?

Answer:- Protein plays a vital role in our body for building & repairing tissues, muscles & bones. It produces hormones
and enzymes in the body. It helps to repair cells & make new cells. Protein also drives the metabolic reaction
in our body.

Question 4:-How much Protein do I need every day?

Answer:- As per recommended dietary allowance, a male needs 1 gm of Protein per Kg of body weight and a female
needs 0.8 gm of Protein per Kg of Body weight.

Question 5:- How can I maintain a Healthy or Ideal Weight?

Answer:- To maintain your Healthy or Ideal weight, follow these steps: daily take a balanced nutritious diet, portion control with calorie management, daily physical activity, adequate water intake, maintain a healthy lifestyle, take 6-7 hours of sound sleep, mindful eating habits.

Question 6:-What is the meaning of Portion Control?

Answer:- Portion means the quantity of food you serve on your plate to eat. Portion Control means taking a healthy
amount of certain food in your meal. It helps to digest properly & absorb the nutrients of the food without
overeating and also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Question 7:-What are the benefits of drinking water daily and how much water do I need to drink daily?

Answer:- Taking adequate water daily has so many benefits like hydrating the body, making better digestion, helping the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat daily, temperature control of our body, maintaining a healthy weight, and helping smooth bowel movement. Daily water intake shall be 1 Litre per 20 Kg of body weight.

Question 8:-How Can I Improve my Digestion & Gut Health?

Answer:- By following some important rules daily you can improve your Digestion & Gut Health:
a] Take high dietary fibre foods & probiotic-rich foods daily.
b] Take adequate water daily [ 1 litre per 20 Kg of body weight].
c] 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily with maintaining the habit of early to bed & early to rise.
d] 30 mins of moderate exercise daily.
e] Avoid processed foods & take nutrition-dense foods. obey the principle of drinking the food & eat
ing the water.
f] Try to minimise your stress and anxiety.