Tips for a better way to drink water daily for a Healthy & Active Life….

   “Drinking Water is essential to a healthy Lifestyle”.  -Stephen Curry

Hydrate your body by taking adequate pure drinking water


As we know Water is one of the most essential parts of survival of our Life. Our Body consists of 70% water. Water plays a vital role in various physiological activities in our body like hydrating our body, regulating the body temperature, transportation & absorption of nutrients in the cells, flushing out the wastes from the body, circulating the oxygen to different parts of the body, improves & shines the skin, helps in the digestion process etc.

Do you Know? As Water has zero calories, those who are on a weight loss journey take more water. Also when we are hungry, we can take water at least so that our stomach will not be empty and acid will not create.

“Do you know why & when we are sweating more & requiring water to hydrate”.

Generally, when there is temperature differences exist between our body and environment, we are sweating more. One condition, during summer the outside environment temperature is more than our body temperature, so sweating occurs. Another condition is, After doing heavy workouts/exercises or any hard physical activities, our body temperature becomes more than the outside temperature, so we are sweating. In these conditions, we need water/ any electrolyte-aided fluid for hydration.

I think after getting the above information, all of us will be agreed that water is the most vital thing for our body and different activities in the body. Also, Water plays a vital role in the Digestion of food we take daily & in absorbing vital nutrition from the food we take in our body. Water is the only zero-calorie item which we can take to minimise instant hunger & for extra weight loss.

Now the time has come to know how to drink water daily is better. ( i.e what amount of water to intake, when to take water & how to take it).

The better way to drink water daily is as follows:-

1. What amounts of water are to be consumed daily?

Ans- Take at least 1 Liters of water per 20 Kg of Body Weight.

 2. When to Take Water daily?

Ans.:- a] We have to consume the most quantity of water as required according to our body weight by evening. After dinner, only one glass of water can be taken i.e, at least 2 hours before sleep.

b] Take 2 glasses of normal/lukewarm water after waking up in the morning on empty stomach. After 8 hours of fasting as well as not taking any fluid to the body, it requires water to help the metabolism of the body.

c] Never take water during and at least one hour before Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. If we will take water immediately after a meal, then it will put out the digestive fire occurred for healthy digestion in our Stomach. If feeling more thirsty, then we can take a glass of lukewarm water before a meal.

d] Never take water at night at least 2 hours before bed. Since it will affect both your sleep & kidney. Take water in regular intervals with small quantities throughout the day limiting to the total quantity found at point no.1.

e] Never Take water at least 10 minutes of urination. Y.ou can take water before going to the toilet.

3. How to Take Water daily?

Ans:-a] Take water slowly sip by sip. Water will go to different systems of the body along with Saliva. Also, it helps with the absorption of nutrients.

b] Never take water in a standing position, which may go directly to the urinary system. Also, it may cause Knee pain & Arthritis. As per our ancient time suggestion, it is always better to drink water in a sitting position only.



Hydrating our body by maintaining proper time, quantity and posture of drinking water will help us to obtain a healthy & active Life. The above information will help if adopted by you sincerely & consistently. I have been obeying the above for the last decade and getting very good results in my Health & activities.

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues”.

                                                                                                                             – Kevin R. Stone

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